• Exploring the Cincinnati Zoo | Her Life in Ruins

    Exploring the Cincinnati Zoo

    I’m a HUGE fan of animals, especially Fiona the Hippo. My mom decided to make a trip to Cincinnati to see the baby hippo that took the Internet by storm for my birthday this year. While there, we fell in love with the Cincinnati Zoo! If you haven’t visited yet, you should. Hopefully, you’ll be convinced to visit by the end of this read. Warning: many awwww inducing photos of…

  • A Twentysomething's Guide to Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom | Her Life in Ruins

    A Twentysomething’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom

    Walt Disney World is a truly magical place, but going as a twentysomething can feel a bit overwhelming. Fret not, for I’ve developed a 4-part series for surviving Disney in your twenties. Follow this guide to have the wildest experience possible at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Disney’s Animal Kingdom Walking into Disney’s Animal Kingdom feels like you’re in the middle of forest. Everything is lush and vibrant and you can hear…