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  • Hidden River Cave - Journey to the Sunset Dome

    Hidden River Cave: Adventure to the Sunset Dome

    I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been wanting to get out of the house. Traveling out of region isn’t an option, as I want to keep myself and others as safe as possible during this pandemic. Luckily, I live in western Kentucky, which means there are all sorts of open-air adventures within the area! Today’s adventure focuses on revisiting one of my favorite Kentucky destinations: Hidden River Cave.…

  • Hidden River Cave: A Unique Adventure in the Bluegrass | Her Life in Ruins

    Hidden River Cave: A Unique Adventure in the Bluegrass

    When you think of Kentucky, you probably think of bourbon or horses; but, did you know Kentucky is home to some of the most incredible caves in the world? The south-central Kentucky region has so many caves worth exploring, but my favorite is Hidden River Cave in Hart County. Hidden River Cave is a river cave (bet you could guess that one by the name!), which means there’s a river…

  • Her Life in Ruins | An Adventure at Kentucky Down Under

    An Adventure at Kentucky Down Under

    I love animals! I love reading about animals, looking at pictures of animals, but mostly, I love seeing real live animals. Recently, I got the chance to visit Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo and was able to see, learn about, and even interact with amazing animals from all over the world right here in the Bluegrass! Kentucky Down Under is an incredible place that is home to animals from North…