• Hidden River Cave - Journey to the Sunset Dome

    Hidden River Cave: Adventure to the Sunset Dome

    I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been wanting to get out of the house. Traveling out of region isn’t an option, as I want to keep myself and others as safe as possible during this pandemic. Luckily, I live in western Kentucky, which means there are all sorts of open-air adventures within the area! Today’s adventure focuses on revisiting one of my favorite Kentucky destinations: Hidden River Cave.…

  • Hidden River Cave: A Unique Adventure in the Bluegrass | Her Life in Ruins

    Hidden River Cave: A Unique Adventure in the Bluegrass

    When you think of Kentucky, you probably think of bourbon or horses; but, did you know Kentucky is home to some of the most incredible caves in the world? The south-central Kentucky region has so many caves worth exploring, but my favorite is Hidden River Cave in Hart County. Hidden River Cave is a river cave (bet you could guess that one by the name!), which means there’s a river…