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  • Hail, Transylvania! | Her Life in Ruins

    Hail, Transylvania!

    As many of you know, I am a proud graduate of Transylvania University. The faculty, staff, and student body embody acceptance, love, and support and make Transylvania home to everyone who enters into the community. Transylvania is where I became the intelligent, accepting, passionate person that I am today and I owe the school everything. Today, Transylvania came under attack. A former student walked into the campus coffee shop with…

  • The Ultimate Harry Potter Bucketlist | Her Life in Ruins

    The Ultimate Harry Potter Bucketlist

    If you’re a millennial, then you likely grew up reading the Harry Potter books, or at least watched the movies. The Harry Potter fandom in millennials is HUGE! If you’re reading this, you probably know which house you belong in and will become offended if anyone questions that status. There’s a good chance that you’re still bitter that a¬†letter inviting you to Hogwarts never showed up on your eleventh birthday.…

  • Self Care Tips for When You Just Can't Even | Her Life in Ruins

    Self Care Tips for When You Just Can’t Even

    Being a twenty-something is hard work, especially if you are trying to balance multiple things at once – like school, work, traveling, finding time to sleep, having a social life…the list goes on and it gets exhausting! If you’re like me, you find¬†yourself feeling burnt-out, running low on steam, or just feeling like you need a break from it all. When you get to feeling this way, you need some…

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