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  • Disney's Toy Story Land: A Playground in the Parks | Her Life in Ruins

    Disney’s Toy Story Land: A Playground in the Parks

    Toy Story Land is the newest addition to Walt Disney World! When I wrote my guide on Hollywood Studios, this area of the park wasn’t yet open. Thankfully, I was able return recently and visit Toy Story Land. I was absolutely blown away! Toy Story Land is unlike any current area of the Walt Disney World parks and is a welcome expansion to Hollywood Studios. Plus, it’s opening comes at…

  • Beetlejuice: The Musical, The Musical, The Musical! | Her Life in Ruins

    Beetlejuice: The Musical, The Musical, The Musical!

    I was in Washington, DC the week before Halloween on a family trip when I saw an ad on the subway for Beetlejuice: The Musical. Naturally, I flipped out. I mean, it’s Beetlejuice, a movie I’ve been obsessed with since my middle school “goth” phase. Lucky for me, my musical-loving baby sis was taking the train down from NYC for the weekend! I convinced her (very easily, I might add)…

  • Exploring George Washington's Mount Vernon | Her Life in Ruins

    Exploring George Washington’s Mount Vernon

    George Washington – an American icon. There are fewer things more patriotic than the first President of this great country, making visiting Mount Vernon a must for anyone who loves GW. Mount Vernon is a short drive or boat ride from Washington, DC and is a perfect day trip. My dad and I were lucky enough to visit the estate during a recent family trip and had the loveliest day…

  • 4 Reasons to See The Lifespan of a Fact | Her Life in Ruins

    4 Reasons to See The Lifespan of a Fact

    On my recent trip to NYC, I decided to give my Global Citizens tickets to a friend so I could see The Lifespan of a Fact. The Lifespan of a Fact is a new play that explores the true story of a fact-checker for an essay on teen suicide. The subject matter is heavy, yet the play brilliantly balances this with laugh-out-loud moments that keep you entertained. It’s seriously incredible!…

  • Delphi: The Bellybutton of the Ancient World | Her Life in Ruins

    Delphi: The Bellybutton of the Ancient World

    The archaeological site at Delphi is one of the most interesting sites in all of Greece. The site lies at the foot of Mt. Parnassus near the modern town of Delphi on the Greek mainland. Ancient Delphi was a prosperous area that was home to a powerful oracle (more about her later). The Delphi site perfectly balances the natural landscape with manmade monuments, creating a unique landscape that was perfect…

  • Mickey's Not So Scary: Disney's Spookiest Party | Her Life in Ruins

    Mickey’s Not So Scary: Disney’s Spookiest Party

    Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is an annual event at Walt Disney World in Florida. From August to October, the park closes early to throw the spookiest party of the year! At Mickey’s Not So Scary, you can trick or treat, ride some of your favorite Magic Kingdom rides, see special performances, and visit with characters dressed in their Halloween best (some of which normally don’t appear in the…

  • The Color Factory: A Day in Pure Imagination | Her Life in Ruins

    The Color Factory: A Day in Pure Imagination

    The Color Factory is an interactive exhibit that is all about celebrating color! It combines art, games, food, and fun to create an experience that is truly amazing. The Color Factory recently opened up in New York City in SoHo. My sister and I jumped at the chance to visit after reading a bit about the exhibit and we had the time of our lives. Basic Info The Color Factory…

  • The OFC Distillery - A Taste of History at Buffalo Trace | Her Life in Ruins

    The OFC Distillery – A Taste of History at Buffalo Trace

    As a Kentuckian, I take great pride in the various bourbon distilleries in this great state. Thankfully, Buffalo Trace has embraced that history with one of their newer tours! While renovating a storage space in 2016, the crew at Buffalo Trace came across a wonderfully preserved distillery from the Pre-Prohibition Era called the OFC Distillery. Now, they’ve made the site tour-friendly and invite visitors to see it and try some…

  • Exploring the Cincinnati Zoo | Her Life in Ruins

    Exploring the Cincinnati Zoo

    I’m a HUGE fan of animals, especially Fiona the Hippo. My mom decided to make a trip to Cincinnati to see the baby hippo that took the Internet by storm for my birthday this year. While there, we fell in love with the Cincinnati Zoo! If you haven’t visited yet, you should. Hopefully, you’ll be convinced to visit by the end of this read. Warning: many awwww inducing photos of…

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