Meet MarMar

Meet MarMar: Opera Singer. Pre-School Teacher. Tired Grad Student. 

Meet MarMar | Her Life in Ruins
Meet MarMar!

Hi everyone! I’m Mary Margaret! You may have guessed my nickname by the title of this page, but if you haven’t: Meet MarMar! Between teaching my youngsters and adjusting to the insanely hectic city life that is New York City, traveling and learning about/experiencing new cultures is one of my greatest passions. Maybe I got it from my sister, KB?


KB helps MarMar get ready for a performance
KB helping me get ready for my senior voice recital at the University of Kentucky. *tears*

Do you wear a viking helmet when you sing opera? Sadly, no… but I wouldn’t be opposed? So yeah… I have studied classical vocal performance (technical term for opera) since the bright eyed, bushy tailed age of fourteen. Honestly, it is my utmost belief that I have such a passion for different cultures because of the music that has stemmed from them. No Europe, I’m not just looking at you. Seriously! There is DIVINE music from every culture, and singing their songs have helped me create a connection with places I’ve only been (thus far) in my dreams. Music is the way in which our soul speaks, and getting to experience the soul of a peoples… man. For that, I am blessed.


MarMar's first day of student teaching
MarMar on her first day of student teaching. Name tag game: strong

You teach Pre-k? Are you CRAZY?! Are you EXHAUSTED?! Well, I can answer both of those questions at once: yes. I work at a special education early childhood educator (fancy term for pre-school teacher) in The Bronx, NY (one of the burroughs of NYC). I moved up here one year ago with the amazing program, Teach for America, and it’s been such a blast. One of the best things about my job is that I am able to teach my students about cultural awareness and how we are all part of one world. After all, there are over 800 languages spoken and representatives from almost every country living in this small, rural town of 8.55 million people.


Hanging out at the Bowling Green in FiDi! This beautiful place is steps from the Teach for America office!

So, like…. why are you here? When visiting home, KB and I were sitting in our living room and I offered up (begged) to write about some of the experiences that I have had on my travels throughout the years. It’s summertime now for me, and I am finally getting a much needed break from teaching full time and being in graduate school (where my education peeps at?!). I am so excited to share with you all the my experiences and some of the truly beautiful places I have gotten to experience.

all my love,