“Adventures” is a category of posts centered on travel. These posts are about places I have visited. Posts are limited to Europe and North America at present.

Post in this category include travel guides (city, regional, and entire country) and general trips for navigating these places. Top posts in this category include guides to Nashville’s Lower Broadway, Universal Studios Orlando, and the Greek Mainland and Cycladic Islands.

Travel guides tend to include tips on where to stay, what to eat, what to do, unique experiences, and where to party in each city/region/country covered in that guide. Links are usually provided when I suggest specific places/businesses in posts. Links are meant to assist readers in making plans for their own travels.

Guides are always accurate at time of publishing. I try to edit guides if/when I am made aware of changes (price changes, closed businesses, etc.) that have occurred since the publication of that guide.

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  • An Afternoon at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

    I remember the first time I visited Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. I was probably 10 or 11 years old and my grandmother and mom took my sister and me on our way to visit family in Danville. There were farm animals, really cool old houses, and lots of incredible music. I had always looked back on that trip fondly. Fast forward a little over a decade and my grandmother…

  • Spring has Sprung at Cheekwood in Bloom | Her Life in Ruins

    Spring has Sprung at Cheekwood in Bloom

    If you’re like me, you’ve gotten really tired of cold, winter weather and have found yourself craving sunny days. Thankfully, spring has started to hit the south! I feel nothing says “spring” more than fresh blooms. I’ve been stalking Cheekwood’s #TulipWatch ever since the first round of warm weather came through. This week, I saw the first signs of tulips! Naturally, I pestered my mom into visiting the estate with…

  • Her Life in Ruins | An Adventure at Kentucky Down Under

    An Adventure at Kentucky Down Under

    I love animals! I love reading about animals, looking at pictures of animals, but mostly, I love seeing real live animals. Recently, I got the chance to visit Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo and was able to see, learn about, and even interact with amazing animals from all over the world right here in the Bluegrass! Kentucky Down Under is an incredible place that is home to animals from North…

  • Her Life in Ruins | Nafplio's Palamidi Fortress, a Hilltop Excursion

    View from the Top: Nafplio’s Palamidi Fortress

    The Palamidi Fortress has one of the most beautiful views in all of Greece, so why do so few people know about this historic wonder? I was fortunate enough to visit the fortress while studying abroad in Greece; I still consider the hike to the top (and the charming city of Nafplio) to be one of the greatest experiences of my life! Nafplio is scattered with Turkish and Venetian influences…

  • Her Life in Ruins | Ancient Olympia: The Birthplace of the Olympic Games

    Ancient Olympia: The Birthplace of the Olympic Games

    About once every two years, viewers around the world tune in to watch the Olympics. These games are rooted in a 3000 year old tradition that started in Greece’s “Valley of Gods”. Olympia was one of the major sites in Greece that helped shape the nations identity due to the Olympic Games. While the modern games are much different from the original ones, the spirit of athletes competing for honor…

  • The archaeological site of Akrotiri

    Akrotiri: Remnants from a Volcanic Eruption

    Santorini is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s curious, then, that so few people know of the archaeological gem sitting at the north end of this gorgeous island. Akrotiri is a Bronze Age settlement that was basically decimated in 1627 BC when Thera, the volcano it sits on, erupted and the people fled. Thankfully, the eruption caused excellent preservation of the site, which visitors can…

  • The Saint Paul Winter Carnival : An Actual Winter Wonderland | Her Life in Ruins

    Saint Paul Winter Carnival – An Actual Winter Wonderland

    Last weekend, I took off visit my best friend in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she’s attending graduate school. Luckily, my visit lined up with the 133rd annual Saint Paul Winter Carnival! We jumped at the chance to visit and I am so incredibly happy we did. We were able to eat lots of delicious foods, watch locals create masterpieces made of ice and snow, and got to catch some live music.…

  • Barcelona Essentials: 7 Days the Catalan Capital

    Barcelona is much more than just the inspiration for an Ed Sheeran song. The food, culture, and general vibe of the city was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The week that I spent in Barcelona, Spain was actually life-changing for me. Now, I’m sharing that experience (and my tips for visiting) with you! Stay When we visited Barcelona, we stayed in an AirBnb. Barcelona is currently cracking down…

  • The Sagrada Familia: An Icon 137 Years in the Making

    The Sagrada Familia is one of the most recognized structures in Spain, and it hasn’t even been finished yet. Seriously! They laid the first stone in 1882 and there’s still about 7 years of construction left. Antoni Gaudí designed a ton of gorgeous, groundbreaking buildings, but the Sagrada Familia is something extra special. History Antoni Gaudí is one of the most famous architects ever, and a lot of his works…

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