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“North America” is a sub-category of posts under the parent category “Adventures”. Posts in North America are centered on places I have visited in North America.

Posts in this sub-category include travel guides (city, regional, and state) and general tips for navigating these places. Top posts in this sub-category include my guides to Nashville’s Lower Broadway, Universal Studios Orlando, and Austin, TX.

Travel guides tend to include tips on where to stay, what to eat, what to do, unique experiences, and where to party in each city/region/state covered in that guide. Links are usually provided when I suggest specific places/businesses in posts. Links are meant to assist readers in making plans for their own travels.

Guides are always accurate at time of publishing. I try to edit guides if/when I am made aware of changes (price changes, closed businesses, etc.) that have occurred since the publication of that guide.

All opinions expressed in guides are my own. Readers are encouraged to leave comments/replies to posts. These comments are the reflection of the opinions of the commenter.

  • Her Life in Ruins | Visiting the Bernheim Forest Giants

    Visiting the Bernheim Forest Giants

    Y’all know I love a good day outside. Luckily, I live a little over an hour away from one of the coolest spots in Kentucky: Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. Last year, the arboretum became home to the Bernheim Forest Giants, a sustainable art instillation that everyone is raving about! Danish artist Thomas Dambo constructed three giants to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of Bernheim. Dambo created the massive sculptures using…

  • Hidden River Cave - Journey to the Sunset Dome

    Hidden River Cave: Adventure to the Sunset Dome

    I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been wanting to get out of the house. Traveling out of region isn’t an option, as I want to keep myself and others as safe as possible during this pandemic. Luckily, I live in western Kentucky, which means there are all sorts of open-air adventures within the area! Today’s adventure focuses on revisiting one of my favorite Kentucky destinations: Hidden River Cave.…

  • A Ghoulish Night on the River City Ghost Tour

    A Ghoulish Night on the River City Ghost Tour

    Last weekend, I headed to the edge of western Kentucky for Paducah’s River City Ghost Tour! Paducah’s Market House Theatre has put these tours on for years and they’re an absolute joy to attend. Visitors get to learn all about Historic Downtown’s historic and haunted past. The various tour guides all place their own spins on the stories they tell, making each tour unique! The guides carry old school lanterns…

  • The Historic (and Haunted) Seelbach Hotel

    Louisville, Kentucky has been a major southern hub since it was founded in the late 1770s. Around the turn of the 20th century, the city was a thriving industrial center. Brothers Louis and Otto Seelbach saw the city’s importance and made it their mission to start a grand hotel similar to those in Venice and Paris. The Seelbach Hotel was born and has inspired great writers, hosted gangsters, and was…

  • Get Spooked by History and Haunts at the Hermitage | Her Life in Ruins

    Get Spooked by History and Haunts at the Hermitage

    I love a good historical site, and that love is magnified when it’s a Presidential historical site. Throw in some haunted stuff and man I’m basically head over heels. All three of these loves magnificently merged at the Ghost Tours at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage near Nashville, Tennessee. My 90-ish minutes on this tour were some of the most fun, informative, and spooky moments in quite some time. The tour is…

  • Everything’s Better in (Houston) Texas

    Welcome to MarMar Monday! KB’s sister, MarMar, is excited to share her travels with you. This week we’re chatting about her girls trip to Houston, Texas!  One of the hardest things about graduating from college is that, more often than not, all of the people you befriend end up moving far away after graduation day. My best friend, Mariah, just moved to Houston, TX to earn her Masters of Public Health…

  • Living a New Orleans Dream | Her Life in Ruins

    New Orleans: Living a Louisiana Dream

    Welcome to MarMar Monday! KB’s sister, MarMar, is excited to share her travels with you. This week we’re chatting about her weekend in the Big Easy: New Orleans! I’m basically everyone’s not-so-Disney-fairy-princess, so I was beyond excited to visit the land of MY favorite character, Charlotte La Bouff (aka that white girl from Princess and the Frog). This cool trip was made even better since I was visiting my bud Ryan…

  • The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife on Nashville's Broadway | Her Life in Ruins

    The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife on Nashville’s Broadway

    Y’all. I love Nashville. I love exploring the town, eating all sorts of delicious foods, catching live music in a seemingly unlimited number of venues, shopping at the adorable boutiques, attending world-class athletic events, and going out on the town – specifically Lower Broadway. “But KB! You’ve written about Lower Broadway already?” Yes, but that was way back in 2017! Many places have come and gone, but my love of…

  • Exploring Utah: The Crossroads of the West | Her Life in Ruins

    Exploring Utah: The Crossroads of the West

    Welcome to MarMar Monday! KB’s sister, MarMar, is excited to share her travels with you. This week we’re chatting about her time exploring Utah: temples, arches, and baseball caps, OH MY!  Isn’t it the best when your best friends live in places that you have never been to before? For me, that meant hopping on a plane from Nashville two days after my college graduation and touching down in Salt Lake…

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