Traveler. Archaeologist. A Bit of a Mess.

About Me

Hello there! I’m KB. Here’s a picture of me. As you can see, my hair is an absolute mess. Like my hair, my life is often a mess. I started Her Life in Ruins when I was in graduate school. I was a student in archaeology with a passion for travel, but I had to find a way to balance my passions out. Traveling and getting a degree at the same time was difficult, but I found a way to make it work in the best possible way. Now, I’ve finally finished school! I’m balancing professional life with travel and having the time of my life.

About Me

My Story

I’ve always had a passion for traveling. When I first got my driver’s license, I’d go on weekend road trips to places near my hometown in western Kentucky. As I got older, those weekend trips turned into something longer when I chose to study abroad in college. Studying abroad further ignited my passion for travel and I was soon going places every chance I got a break from school (and sometimes skipping classes to go to new places – sorry, mom and dad). Then, the inevitable happened: I graduated from undergrad and had to start taking myself much more seriously than I ever had before. I knew I wasn’t ready for a “real world” quite yet, so I did what every other student does when they don’t know what to do next: I went to grad school.

About Me | Her Life in Ruins


At first, graduate school was terrible. I was stressed to the max, drinking way more coffee than should ever be considered healthy, and had no idea where my future was headed. I cried almost every night and became so sick from stress that I lost 15 lbs. Needless to say, it wasn’t great. I felt stuck, like I was missing a big part of my life. When my at the time boyfriend broke up with me, I knew it was time for a major change. I booked a flight to Barcelona two weeks in advance and went for Spring Break. When I went to board the plane, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time: butterflies.

After that trip, I knew I needed to find a way to incorporate travel into my life again. I started planning weekend trips nearly every chance I got – even scheduling my classes to ensure I had either Friday or Monday off to make it work. After taking trips (and a few thousand miles on my Altima), I felt whole again. Since then, I’ve been traveling whenever I can make it work with my schedule and budget. I couldn’t be happier.

About Me

Why “Her Life In Ruins”?

In archaeology, we are trained to analyze ruins in order to gain insight about people of the past. I try to apply that same logic in my life by looking at my experiences and finding a bit of myself in each. Stick around with me while I navigate being a twenty-something, figuring out how to be on my own, and living as fulfilled as possible.